P hil Lawson, middle aged, middle class and seemingly prosperous, has been leading a double life until his arrest for drug dealing. Unused to taking responsibility for his own actions, he faults everyone but himself for his predicament even as his arrest tears at the fabric of his family. His elderly parents, fearful of his being in jail, mortgage their home – and their security – for his bail. His young and pregnant wife grapples with the reality of his likely prison term. His sister, always disdainful of Phil’s bon vivant lifestyle, struggles with her own identity as she adopts multiple personalities as easily as changing clothes. The secret of a missing brother might bring them together, but lurking in the shadows is a policeman who blames Phil for the death of his son. Will the unchastened Phil run? Destined for Fun is a story of the quest for self-discovery, finding ourselves first through the eyes of others, and ultimately through our own vision.


Winner, Writer’s Digest Stage Play Competition

Finalist, Pittsburgh New Play Festival