R afi Stein, professional assassin and a rising star in Israel’s Mossad, shoots popular Palestinian politician Samir Erekat in front of his nine-year-old son, triggering haunting memories of his own father’s murder. His flight from the murder scene is caught on video by a passing tourist which is played repeatedly on TV when the assassination becomes an international incident. Though disguised, Rafi’s wife recognizes him in the video, and it brings home to her what, exactly, her husband does. She leaves him, but by then, the constant coverage has made Rafi also realize the destructiveness of his actions, and he becomes obsessed with helping Erekat’s widow, Yasmin, and son, Azziz.

Typically Rafi drives a taxi as a cover, and he’s been assigned to two American diplomats preparing for the upcoming final status talks. From them, he learns that a new U.S. President wants a settlement that includes Hamas, which is anathema to Rafi’s boss, Mossad Director Amit Ben-Ami. Erekat had been expected to propose Hamas’s participation in the talks, and his cause is taken up by one of the Americans in particular, Tom Brown. Ben-Ami orders Brown’s assassination, but Rafi is already suspicious that it’s another in a string of assassinations serving his boss’s megalomania more than national security.

His cover as a taxi driver has given Rafi his own cover for secretly visiting Yasmin, who’s worried that her son, Azziz, will grow up with the hatred that Rafi recognizes in himself – hatred starting when his own father was killed that steeled him to become an assassin. Unbeknownst to Rafi, Yasmin, too, has recognized him as her husband’s assassin, and asks that he give them – Yasmin and Azziz – a ride to the beach. There, she gives her son the option of killing Rafi hoping to expurgate the boy’s hatred.

Azziz lets Rafi live, only to learn that his best friend, Yuri, has betrayed him. He’s confided his doubts about Ben-Ami’s motives to Yuri, whose instinctive envy and competitiveness eventually turn him against his own friend, and he willingly complies when Ben-Ami orders him to kill Rafi.

Rafi bests them both by surviving Yuri’s assassination attempt and exposing Ben-Ami’s treachery. As a result, he is able to help Yasmin, convince his wife to come home, and rid himself of his own lifelong hatred.


Winner, American Screenwriters Association Screenwriting Competition

Winner, Dreamago Plume & Pellicule Screenwriting Lab

Quarterfinalist, Nicholl Fellowships for Screenwriting