D uring the Nazi occupation of Warsaw, a Polish youth, Mariusz, is forced to become a hustler to provide for his family. He meets a German soldier, and they fall in love even as the dangers mount for them. In a round-up of suspected homosexuals, they must betray each other to save their own lives.

A half century later, Matthew, a college boy, decides to come out during Gay Pride Week in a redneck Midwestern town. His best friend, Darla, a waitress at a local bar, loves Matthew, and tries to protect him by keeping him away from her homophobic friends. Feeling prideful, Matthew shows up at the bar where she works, and leaves with Darla’s boyfriend and his best friend, half expecting a sexual encounter. Instead, they kill him while struggling to come to grips with the deep secret of their own brutal friendship.

Woven together in a manner similar to ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman’, these stories build on each other’s common themes resulting in a highly emotional conclusion.


Production, Stage One Theatre (New York)

Winner, Stanley Drama Award 2002

Finalist, Pittsburgh New Play Festival

Finalist, Festival of Emerging American Theatre

Finalist, YES Festival of Plays