S tacy Gonzalo, the repo man who can’t drive straight, inadvertently repossesses the wrong car and discovers in its trunk the body of a Mexican drug lord. He switches cars, but not before he’s seen the drug lord’s assassin, Ernesto Ramos, up close enough to ID him. He’s immediately on the run for his life.

Unbeknownst to Stacy, Ernesto can track him by his cell phone using a mobile GPS device. Soon, however, Stacy figures out how Ernesto is tracking him, and turns the tables on him, using his phone to lure Ernesto into a trap of his own making.

Ernesto enjoys the chase, and follows Stacy from L.A. to Albuquerque, leaving in their wake a string of murders that local police believe Stacy has committed – so they are chasing him, too. Then there’s Nick Burns, FBI Agent, who witnesses the original encounter between Stacy and Ernesto, and is also chasing Stacy to try to bring him in to testify against Ernesto in an ongoing investigation.

Stacy runs to his estranged identical twin, Brett, not for help but to set him up to take the hit for him. Growing up, the brothers played a game called ‘twinning’ where they would try to pass as each other, including sleeping with the other’s girlfriends. A savvy manipulator, he concocts a scheme for Brett to twin his bogus new wife, Veronica, a wannabe actress turned hooker whom he’s picked up the night before, and who is really a sweet young woman forced into prostitution to support her infant son.

What Stacy doesn’t know is that Brett is in trouble himself. He’s become a small-time drug dealer to support his gambling habit on horse races, and has fallen into serious debt with Diego, his supplier, who wants to rob the restaurant where Brett works with his help.

At first reluctant to twin Veronica, when Diego enters the restaurant, Brett has a sudden change of heart and the two brothers exchange clothes in the men’s room. Brett goes off to his rendezvous with Veronica with Stacy’s cell phone planted in his pocket. Ernesto shows up intending to kill Brett – thinking he’s Stacy – and instead, Veronica shoots his sidekick, Tito, and Ernesto flees. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the real Stacy, he’s been set up by Brett to take the fall with Diego, who robs the restaurant and takes him hostage.

Brett and Veronica return to the restaurant to confront Stacy for putting them in such a lethal situation, and arrive just in time to see Diego beat Stacy, force him into his truck and drive away. Brett never anticipated that his brother would be in such grave danger, and having another change of heart, vows to save him.

But he can’t save him quite yet. The local police, responding to an APB on Stacy’s car, arrest Brett until Nick Burns comes to his rescue, using FBI resources to prove he’s not the real Stacy but his identical twin.

By then, Brett and Veronica are falling in love, and together attempt a daring rescue of Stacy from the drug dealers’ house where Ernesto and his gang are brutalizing him. Nick Burns and the police have tailed them there, and in the ensuing firefight, Brett, Stacy, Veronica and Ernesto all escape.

Brett has bet everything he owns on his horse, Dream Girl, which he plans to ride in a race the next day. Stacy shows up at the race track, as do Ernesto, the police and Nick. By then, Stacy is a changed man. His innate love for his brother has been rekindled by Brett’s daring rescue attempt. When he sees Ernesto, and realizes that he’s likely to shoot Brett during the race in another instance of mistaken identity, he ambushes Brett, ties him up and rides Dream Girl himself.

The horses enter the home stretch, and Ernesto gets ready to shoot Stacy on the horse. Nick, seeing Ernesto, takes aim at him. As the sound of the pounding horse hooves draw closer and closer, there’s blackout and a single shot is fired.


Winner, American Screenwriting Competition